The 2022 Municipal Election: The ACO Asks the candidates

ACO Port Hope recently sent out the questions below to Port Hope’s 22 Municipal Electoral Candidates. When meeting candidates throughout the campaign or at a public forum, you might want to remind them through comments or questions why our cultural and natural heritage is so important to us.

The questions suggested by ACO’s Provincial Office in their September issue of Acorn in a Nutshell, might also prove useful. Let’s ensure that Port Hope’s unique cultural heritage is included in the conversation during this Municipal election campaign.

Our Questions

    The Municipality is currently developing a plan for Port Hope’s Waterfront and Riverwalk.
  1. What is your vision for the Centre Pier area?
  2. In any planned riverwalk enhancements, how might we reference the stories behind the central role that the Ganaraska River has played in the history of Port Hope?
  3. The Waterfront/Riverwalk plans will bring some alteration or development to the Downtown Heritage Districts, and the required Heritage Impact Assessment will help to inform such change. How would you ensure that the new Waterfront/Riverwalk landscape will be historically appropriate and carefully integrated with Port Hope’s commercial core?

  4. The need for attainable housing is bringing new residential developments to Port Hope’s periphery, particularly to the west, and increased density to our established neighbourhoods, with new responses such as the Tiny House and Alternative Living Movement.
  5. In the face of further new development, how might the historic and cultural ambience of Lakeshore Road best be sustained?
  6. Council recently approved a by-law to permit up to two Additional Residential Units on properties in the Municipality of Port Hope. How might we ensure that these structures will be in keeping with Port Hope’s historic and distinctive neighbourhoods?

  7. Carl Elefante, former president of the American Institute of Architects, famously said that, “the greenest building is the one that is already built.” Port Hope has over 200 designated heritage properties and many more which would be eligible for heritage designation or listing.
  8. What strategies would you suggest to further encourage the conservation, restoration, and adaptive re-use of existing historic structures in Port Hope?

  9. There are many Save Our Trees signs around Port Hope.
  10. What is your position on the Penryn/Victoria Street woodlot?

The Answers