ACO Projects & Grants

Our donation dollars help restore historical homes and Port Hope’s downtown core. Our grants help owners restore to the original exterior aspects of their buildings. Examples are:

  • Restore or replace, if necessary, heritage windows
  • Brick repair, including repointing and replacement
  • Clean old paint off with scrubbers and water to restore original brickwork
  • Scaffolding as required to complete restoration work
  • Restore original store fronts
  • Restore facias, cornices, porticos and doors
  • Restore or replace original siding
  • Replace roofs with original materials
  • Restore or rebuild chimneys in the original style and brick
  • Restore foundations and other structural elements

How to apply for grants

If you are interested in applying for a grant to help defray the cost of restoring exterior aspects of your property, please review the following:

Completed Projects

Over the years, the Port Hope Branch of The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario has supported such projects as:

  • St. Mark’s Church Restoration
  • VIA (Grand Trunk) Railway Station
  • Capitol Theatre
  • The Little Station
  • Ganaraska Archives
  • Union Cemetery Caretaker’s Cottage and Chapel
  • Walking Tours of Port Hope
  • Canada 150 Historic Barn Quilt Trail
  • Furby House Books
  • 26 Ontario Street
  • 85 Walton Street