Heritage Designation & Listing

Under the Ontario Heritage Act, municipalities can pass bylaws to formally designate properties of cultural heritage value or interest. Formal designation of heritage properties is one way of publicly acknowledging a property’s heritage value to a community. At the same time, designation helps to ensure the conservation of these important places for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations. Properties can be designated individually or as part of a larger area called a heritage conservation district.

If the owner of a designated property wishes to make alterations to the property that affect the property’s heritage attributes, the owner must obtain the Municipal Council’s written consent which comes in the form of a heritage permit. It important to note that designation is not intended to prohibit any future site alteration or development on the property.” It simply enables change within the context of a helpful and cooperative review and consent process between the owner and the Municipality.

Many municipalities keep registers of heritage properties. The Ontario Heritage Act allows a property that has not been designated, but that the Municipal Council believes to be of cultural heritage value or interest, to be listed on this register. If a property is listed but not designated, an alteration would not require a heritage permit, but the Municipality would require 60 days notice if the owner wished to demolish a building on the property.

How to List or Designate Your Property

The Heritage Port Hope Advisory Committee (HPH) is a committee of the Municipality of Port Hope Council. The function of the committee is to advise Council on local heritage matters such as the listing and designation of heritage properties and to assist in carrying out its heritage conservation program. Any application for a heritage permit will first go to HPH for approval.

For more information on listing or designating your property, please visit the links below.

If you are interested in listing or designating your property, please contact the Chair of Heritage Port Hope, Karen O’Hara, through the Port Hope Planning Department.