How to Get Involved

Share the passion and enjoy the company of like-minded residents interested in architectural conservancy. Contribute to a worthy cause that benefits its members and the surrounding community of Port Hope by becoming a member, donating, or volunteering.

Benefits of Participating

  • Expand one’s knowledge about conservancy, sustainability and heritage matters
  • Minimize environmental waste from throwing out building materials
  • Gain the possibility of contributing to a worthy cause that benefits its members and the surrounding community
  • Make a worthwhile contribution to a cause that matters to the whole community
  • Participate in social and community events
  • Better understand the ethos of Port Hope and its residents

Why Become a Member

  • You have a passion for this unique town which won Best Preserved Main Street
  • You would like to contribute to how Port Hope stays vital and enriched
  • Learn about Port Hope Council process and become a voice in regards to their decisions that impact heritage buildings and the surrounding environment
  • Be included in a group of like-minded citizens who are passionate about the mindful and creative decisions that will be made about the future of Port Hope

Why Donate

Please consider donating to ACO Port Hope. Contributions from generous individuals and companies who care about heritage help us do the important work of protecting these resources for future generations. Donations fund operations, grants for projects, and from time-to-time, temporary purchases of buildings like The Little Station, and The Opera House while a buyer was being sought.