Antiques & Artifacts Auction

The ACO Port Hope Antiques & Artifacts Auction is an annual charitable fundraising event held in Port Hope, Ontario. Money from the event is used by ACO Port Hope to help fund heritage restoration projects within the Municipality of Port Hope.

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Donation Guidelines

We appreciate all offers yet we aim to be somewhat selective in what we can take for donation to our fundraising efforts. As always, any donations we do accept will receive a tax receipt after the item is sold for the full appraised value.

We would be pleased to consider:

  • Artwork – signed, original pieces, by listed or noted artists, with/without provenance, including paintings, prints, sculpture etc
  • Artwork – original, mid-century, or other notable pieces that do not fall into the category above but are of artistic, cultural, historical or particular decorative interest
  • Furniture – modern, vintage, mid-century, quality designer, or high-end antique that is not mass produced and is in good condition. Smaller pieces are preferred but larger pieces of significant interest may be considered
  • Artisanal work – pottery, glass, signed or unsigned but not mass produced
  • Artisanal work – ethnic work, signed or unsigned, or of particular design or historical interest
  • Textiles – hand done, or of particular design or historical interest
  • Carpets – not mass produced, antique or newer, but of design interest
  • China, Glass – if complete sets, or very high end or of unusual, collectible interest, nothing made in China or mass produced unless highly collectible can be considered
  • Ephemera – if of cultural or historical interest
  • Books – antique books of historical or cultural significance, 1st edition, limited editions, signed, art books. No mass produced, no paperbacks unless fit criteria above
  • Other – tools, household goods, architectural salvage material, etc. only if antique or of significant design or historical interest

To make a donation:
Email Peter or Sharon

Thank you for your ongoing support