65 Ward Street: Hearing Adjourned

ACO Port Hope Advocacy

By Susan Layard

The Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) met on November 23, 2023 to hear evidence on Southbridge’s motion claiming that the Heritage Demolition Permit that was issued to Southbridge by the Municipality in February, 2022, was still valid. 

On February 20th, 2024, the OLT issued a written decision to deny Southbridge’s motion.  Unfortunately, Southbridge’s legal counsel then filed a Notice of Motion seeking leave from the Divisional Court to appeal this decision.

The OLT has therefore granted the request by Southbridge’s legal counsel to adjourn the Hearing scheduled to begin on March 6, 2024.  

A new date for the hearing has not yet been scheduled.  The Parties were directed to provide a status update to the OLT by August 27, 2024.