Urgent Call for Action: 65 Ward Street in Port Hope

ACO Port Hope Advocacy

By Bruce Bowden and Susan Layard

This is an urgent call for action from our ACO members, and from the community at large.

The Minister of Long Term Care has requested that the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing issue a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) to allow Southbridge to build the 7-storey facility as they originally proposed. The MZO overrides local planning authority at the municipal level. Port Hope Council denied Southbridge’s application for zoning amendments in February, 2022. The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing is now investigating, but we know that they plan to work quickly.

ACO Port Hope certainly supports Long Term Care facilities in our community. We believe, however, that, unlike Southbridge’s proposal, these homes should be designed to be warm and inviting and built in a location that would allow for plenty of green space. They should not adversely affect a surrounding residential neighbourhood or require the loss of a heritage property.

Call for Action

The ACO Port Hope Branch has already sent our letter to the Ministers, and encourage all of our members to do the same. Please act immediately to express your concerns about the 7-storey facility at 65 Ward Street by emailing our local MPP, David Piccini david.piccini@pc.ola.org, and sending copies to the Minister for Long Term Care paul.calandra@pc.ola.org and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing steve.clark@pc.ola.org, minister.mah@ontario.ca

How to Write Your Letter

Your letters do not need to be long and could focus on the issue that you find most concerning. You may review other members’ letters as examples to follow.