The ACO Port Hope Bus tour 2023, at long last! 

The last highly popular Annual April bus tour was in 2019, to Lakefield and Warsaw. Three and a half years ago! We think you’ll agree it’s high time to start up again. So, we’re working on a bus tour to Newcastle, Bond Head and Bowmanville on April 24, 2023. Yes, we pass these towns all the time on our way to and from Toronto, and perhaps we think we know them. But do we?

No doubt you’ll be as amazed as we’ve been on discovering the plethora of splendid heritage homes they both contain. We’re very lucky to have gained entrance to one of the oldest houses in Durham, Walbridge House, and in addition, we’ll visit the former POW camp in Clarington which housed important high-ranking German officers in the last war.

Currently, there is not yet a set price but if you are interested in joining the tour please read below.

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Add yourself to the list by emailing Patsy Beeson at When the price is known and you are notified about the payment method in the February newsletter, we strongly suggest you pay quickly to secure your spot. The bus tours sell out quickly. Your place on the bus won’t be confirmed until your payment has been received.

Patsy Beeson ( and Felicity Corelli