Historic Port Hope Hospital: Conservation Review Board Recommends Designation

65 Ward Street Elevation East Section

On Wednesday, March 13th, the Conservation Review Board submitted its final report for Council consideration concerning the heritage designation of 65 Ward Street – recommending designation.

‘It is good news,’ states ACO Port Hope Past Chair and Heritage Architect Phil Goldsmith. ‘The Historic Hospital is recommended for designation on two grounds principally, association and as a landmark, a very strong result.’

‘Association’ refers to a Property directly linked with several themes from the first half of the 20th century: the history and development of Port Hope; the history of health care in Port Hope; the evolution of health care in Ontario; and the history of nursing and nursing training in Ontario. Associations also include the activity of health care providers during the First World War, including the treatment of injured soldiers and veterans and the Spanish Flu epidemic.

The Board also notes that the existence of both the Cottage Hospital and the Hospital, on the same site, clearly demonstrates this evolution. That both survive and are found together, is significant.

The CRB notes that the Royal Canadian Legion also supports the designation since this hospital played a key recuperative role in the health of soldiers and veterans of the First World War.

[85] The Review Board is satisfied that the property does have important historical or associative value because of its direct associations with these themes and activities and therefore recommend designation under this criterion.

The reference to ‘Landmark’ refers to the Property’s contextual value. The Property functions as both a symbolic and geographic landmark in the Port Hope community. The Hospital is a large and commanding presence on an important arterial road, it has generous setbacks, and much smaller residential buildings surround its large, institutional design. It would even seem to be a symbolic landmark for veterans as demonstrated by the support for designation of the Royal Canadian Legion.

[97] The Review Board is satisfied that the criterion for landmark has been met.

Mayor Bob Sanderson has called a Special Council Meeting for 6:30 pm on Tuesday, March 26th to allow for consideration of the report by Council. The agenda for this meeting will be available no later than March 22nd.