On Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 Port Hope Council will debate a motion from Mr. Hickey and Mr. Lees to rescind its adopted motion to designate the historic 65 Ward St.

We urge you to attend if you can – best to come early, for there might be few seats at the 6:00 PM start time.

Heritage Port Hope has asked to make a presentation, just as Phil Goldsmith and I did on behalf of ACO when this motion to rescind was first attempted earlier in late June.  It is a procedural motion, intended to cut short the need to hold a public hearing by the Ontario Conservation Review Board in our municipality, likely to begin this fall.  Either through its adoption by a two-thirds margin or after receipt of a report from the Board, this Council or our next Council is free to revise its earlier decision by a majority vote.  There is some hope that the motion may fail.

A second reason to attend this meeting is that the Planning Committee on behalf of Heritage Port Hope is presenting a report for adoption of how to proceed to create a comprehensive Inventory.  The Report’s goal is to create a process that would list properties of potential heritage value as included in the Ontario Heritage Act.  A “listing” is not yet a researched Heritage Designation, and the proposed outline uses an educative process that would include owners directly.  We are convinced that an effective Register is an absolutely essential planning tool for our town.

Contributed by Bruce Bowden

ACO Port Hope – Advocacy Committee Chair