Thursday, February 21, 7 pm for 7:30
Sculthorpe Room, Capitol Theatre

One order of business will be to vote for next year’s Executive. The Slate is:

Anna Gray: re-elect as Director

Marielle Lambert: elect as Director

Susan Layard: elect as Director

Hugh Parker: re-elect as Director and Treasurer

The following Directors were elected last year for a two year term and are not required to stand for re-election at this time:

Chair: Julie Mavis

Vice Chair: Bruce Bowden

Secretary: Susan Carmichael

Directors: Ted Holmes, Matt Desbarbeiux and Ian MacKay


Scott Weir
Principal ERA Architects

Scott has written columns on architecture and urbanism in the National Post, and guest-lectured at several Ontario universities. He has received several awards for his design work in the re-adaptive use of heritage properties, a field for which his home city of Detroit has provided him with several interesting opportunities.

Director Bios

Marielle Lambert

Marielle & her husband Will moved to Port Hope 20 years ago, after falling in love with the rich architectural heritage Port Hope is known for.

In 2015 Marielle was named the Municipality of Port Hope’s Citizen of the Year, for her involvement in many organizations in area. Amongst her accomplishments, Marielle has 5 years involvement with the Port Hope Archives board serving two of those years as chair. Marielle was also involved with an arts & culture festival “Port Hope Estival” for three years, two of those years as chair, Beyond the Blue Box and Relay for Life.

Currently Marielle is on the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum board having served 6 years to date, as well as sitting on the Port Hope House Tour organizing committee.

Susan Layard

Susan Layard is a retired school administrator and teacher of history and mathematics. She taught for 21 years at The Bishop Strachan School, where she also served as Head of Mathematics and for 13 years at St. Clement’s School, where she was the Director of Curriculum and Student Services and Principal of the Summer School. During the 2006-07 year of school construction, she was the Principal. After formal retirement in 2011, she went on to direct the school’s annual professional development institute for teachers of Advanced Placement courses.

Throughout her career, Susan was also heavily involved with music, coaching music groups at both BSS and St. Clement’s, and outside, working extensively with Canadian composer Udo Kasemets. That interest continues in Port Hope through her volunteer work as secretary of both the La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra Board and its Foundation Board. Even before moving to Port Hope, she volunteered with our ACO chapter and became a Board member of St. Mark’s Maple Court which provides affordable housing for seniors.

This past year, her tireless research was an essential contribution to the ACO’s advocacy for the historic hospital.

ACO Port Hope Committee Reports