Antiques & Artifacts Fall 2023 Call for Donations

We are now collecting from now until August 15th. 

To make a donation:
Email Peter or Sharon

As always, we are looking for things that are fun, interesting, unique or beautiful (or all of the above). Some of the things we are particularly hoping to come across as always, include:

  • Interesting art work (including paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, etc.)
  • Textiles of interest (one-of-a-kind, antique, handmade, ethnic, cultural, vintage, and so on); clothing that is vintage, antique or otherwise collectible is fine but no designer names unless you have the original receipts or other proof of authenticity
  • Books of interest (please no mass produced, generic books)
  • Furniture items of particular historic or design interest
  • Artisanal pieces such as pottery, glass, or wood working
  • We can only take china pieces that are of particular interest – i.e., whole sets of higher end dinnerware in good condition, not kitchen odds and ends unless they have some design interest
  • Same with glass ware and household good generally
  • Ephemera of historic or other interest
  • Garden pieces

Read more about donation guidelines.

To make a donation:
Email Peter or Sharon

Thank you for your ongoing support