Urgent: 65 Ward Street – Send Your Letters by May 22

ACO Port Hope Advocacy

Port Hope Council has now received a letter from the provincial government about the proposed Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO), and will be meeting on it at a Special Closed Session of Council on Tuesday, May 23.

Many of you have already written letters regarding 65 Ward Street to David Piccini or to the Minister. We would ask you to please send a copy of your letter(s) to the Town Clerk, Brian Gilmer (clerk@porthope.ca), so that they can be logged and be part of what is presented to Council.

Please send your letters asap, before the council meeting on May 23, ideally before the end of this long weekend, by Monday, May 22.

How to Write Your Letter

Your letters do not need to be long and could focus on the issue that you find most concerning. You may review other members’ letters as examples to follow. Send letters to Brian Gilmer (clerk@porthope.ca)